Madhubani Art UnMasked

The Coronavirus pandemic has upended life like nothing else I have experienced before. In different ways, it has hit us all. The government was in a dilemma – how to save both lives and livelihoods. To make matters worse, the GDP sank by a precipitous 23.9 per cent in the first quarter of this year. … Continue reading Madhubani Art UnMasked

Going against the trend with Karfa

Bucking the demoralising trend of death and paralysis of e-commerce companies, Karfa gives birth to an online platform for rural artisans in India. Through Karfa, I hope to create a business that boosts the prosperity and growth of those who have been oppressed for generations. My decision may be seen as a naive one, given … Continue reading Going against the trend with Karfa

Fashion Review: Isha Ambani’s Wedding Wardrobe

Isha Ambani's wedding was the epitome of the world-renowned 'Big Fat Indian Wedding' style, which captivated people and media alike for as long as it lasted. The huge popularity of the lavish marriage was also due to the elegant dresses—designed by the top niche of the Indian fashion industry—which the bride wore at her various … Continue reading Fashion Review: Isha Ambani’s Wedding Wardrobe